Shark Navigator vs Rotator: Expert Guides

It’s hard to find a family without a necessity of cleaning and hygiene. And that’s the reason behind the invention of vacuum cleaners. But as an end user’s it’s very usual not to understand what you want. Even, two close variation of shark vacuums, shark navigator vs rotator often misguides the buyers from their purpose.

However, the goal of this post is to announce the clear differences between a shark navigator and a shark rotator. There are many types of shark vacuum cleaner and it’s very hard to find the best one. After the end of this article, no one will any doubts about which one a good fit for them would be.

Once you will be aware of the differences, we’ve included a short buying guide on choosing a vacuum between these two. This would help you to visualize your demands.

Shark Navigator and Rotator Comparison

There are both similarities and dissimilarities in between both of these shark vacuums. If we talk about the similarities, the noiseless operation comes at the top of the list. Both of them create a low amount of sound while operating. Also, both of these models have HEPA filters that you can wash and re-use with.

Apart from this couple of major similarities, we’ve found a number of odds between a shark navigator and a shark rotator. Instead of pointing them out, we would like to demonstrate the differences between two real-time modules-

#01 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark NavigatorAt first look, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is one of the shark models with a bare floor attachment. The bare floor attachment will be best used when you are dealing with tiled surfaces or wooden floors.

The price of shark navigator is higher than the shark rotator and the extra buck worth investing. In a few senses, a shark navigator has better features to deal with professional cleaning services.

To control the navigator is made easy with a set of the control panel. It will let you roll off and on the cleaner. That enables you to use it only when you’re in need of them. One example is pet hair removing.

Another benefit shark navigator is, it’s super easy to use. The simple operations will be easy to learn even for kids above certain age limits.

#02 Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

As a pick of shark rotator, we’ve got the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum. There are some clean and clear differences when you’ll be dealing with a model and compare it to the shark navigator from the previous point.

First of all’s its portable and light to carry around. If you’re working as a cleaner at the shopping mall, this would be the best option yet. Also, to make it more carriable, you can separate the lift away tool and it will turn into a more carriable item.

Apart from the variability, there comes another difference of controllability. Shark Rotator is a little bit tough to operate. But if you have got the command on the control of this product, it would be as effective as no other else can be.

A shark rotator is the best pick when it comes to cleaning long distant rooms, commercial spaces, libraries and more. If you’ve dealt with such products before, we’d recommend you to go for a shark rotator.

The summary line is, no matter whatever the advertisements claim, keep your list of demands on the top and chose any of this two accordingly.

Factors to Compare for Shark Navigator vs Rotator Vacuum

We know that shark vacuum is the best machine to clean your tile floor and pet hair. Here some factors that you should compare with shark navigator and rotator vacuum cleaner. See more in below-

Where the Units Are Equivalent

Vacuum technologies have come to the same page of the book where our branded products are safely checked. Apart from the few technical advantages that shark navigators provide, both shark vacuums are technically head to head.


Cleaning is such a work where both you and your cleaning kit will have to move around a lot. If it’s a commercial space or space with a high dimension, then it’s more obvious. So, we consider mobility as one of the important factors.

However, both shark navigators and shark rotators are claimed to be portable. But if we have a deeper look, there would be differences. As an example, the shark navigators are of less weight. So, in case of commercial use, it will have less hassle to carry around. On the contrary, shark rotates are portable enough to be used in-house. So, consider itself as a commercial product for your clean home.

Ease of Use

Machines are meant to let people do their job with ease, and so is a vacuum cleaner. In between the two products that we are talking about, there are slight differences in ease of use.

The smoothness of use relates to the functionalities, control, weight, variability and suction power. Imagine about a vacuum that is good in suction, but extremely heavy in weight. Such a cleaner won’t put a smile of satisfaction on your face. Instead of those, it’s even better to stick to a vacuum under $100.

So, before getting a shark navigator and a shark rotator, measure that how much comfort they are in use. Calculate the values and demands from your side.

Attachments and Accessories

To make life a little easier, electronic gadget come with a number of accessories nowadays. In case of a vacuum cleaner, you can have a set of suction cups and many accessories will wave at you. And that would surely enhance your experience at large scale.


As both of, they were happy with the basic shark vacuums, and the technology of the models are quite similar. And in case you want to be more precise about it, it’s better to do a short research on the product description.


When comparing between two different genres of the same product, we always focus on the types of uses and the users. Most of the time, it’s the user’s types that set the differences. The shark vacuum navigator and the rotator- both are for uses in practice. Now it’s up to you that which one you will be going for. Hope this guide between Shark Navigator vs Rotator will be a help.

Also, keep an eye on the price-quality ratio and make sure that you’re not overpaying for anything. Hope this guide helped you to get what you actually need. Best of luck!

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