Shark ION Rocket IR101 Review

Cleaning is a chore that simply can’t be avoided. It’s dull, it’s boring, and it can get pretty frustrating at times, right? Well, while that may be the case for most people. What if we told you that there are ways to make the process just a bit less painful?

We’re talking boutique grade vacuum cleaners; we’re talking about Shark’s cleaners, more specifically – the Rocket series. So, we come with shark ion rocket review that will help to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Cordless vacuum cleaners aren’t new on the market, and the same can be said for the ones with high battery lifespan, but Shark IR101 somehow provides both without sacrificing practicality and functionality.

Saying that such a thing as the ‘ultimate vacuum cleaner’ exists is a pretty bold statement. We’re here to show you exactly why Ion’s Rocket IR101 deserves to bear the title as mentioned above.

Apart from the sheer fact that Shark is ‘responsible’ for some of the finest cleaners available for the money, there are plenty of reasons why IR101 can do what most other vacuum cleaners can’t. Without any further ado, let’s see it in action.

Shark Ion Rocket IR101: Quick Overview

People who are already into the idea of getting the IR101 and who want to have a quick glance of the features it packs should find this section pretty valuable. We’re going to get into more detail in the sections below. In case you want to browse through the main key specs, here they are:

  • ION power-pack Li-Ion battery – a premium quality battery which boasts a major battery lifespan, going up to full 30 minutes at a single charge, which is sufficient to clean virtually all rooms of a moderately big apartment or a house.
  • Optional and fully removable battery can be purchased if you wish to improve the Li-Ion’s runtime for another 30 minutes, resulting in a full hour of battery lifespan.
  • LED headlights – at the very base of the brush there are two pairs of four LED lights which significantly help you light up dark spaces. They also come in handy with making those hard to reach spots more visible.
  • Anti Allergen seal packing HEPA filtration. Using this vacuum cleaner will ‘literally’ clean the surface upon which it is used, whereas most models only ‘suckle up’ the grime and filth, spreading some back with each consecutive stroke.
  • Interchangeable tools which can be used to better fit the situation, allowing you to easily clean up virtually any kind of surface bottoms up.
  • Nearly weightless construction, weighing as much as 7.2 pounds.
  • Incredibly capacitive dirt collector which can take up as much as 33 liters of grime and debris.
  • Comes with a charger which can be attached to the battery to temporarily halt its draining.
  • Although the base brush isn’t particularly suitable for cleaning the upholstery, the IR101 comes supplied with mini turbo brush extension.

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Performance Evaluation of Shark ION Rocket IR101

Now that we’ve seen what’s on-board, it’s time to evaluate IR101’s performance. This shark ION rocket ir101 review is dedicated to explaining in detail everything regarding Shark Ion Rocket’s IR101 performance, including the easiness of use, versatility, tools, and such.

How easy it is to use it

Basically, just like all stick cleaners, this one’s also incredibly easy to use. What’s more, knowing that it weighs only 7.2 pounds, you won’t even get too tired while doing so. Now, let’s talk a bit about its interface.

There are two convenient buttons that allow you to specify the type of vacuuming. The carpet/floor is self-explanatory, and there’s the ‘extend runtime/max power’ which economizes the battery (and power) consumption.

Although this kind of interface design is pretty impressive, it’s relatively basic, and you’ll only get to utilize its versatility to its full extent if you use the interchangeable tools.


Most people assume that a vacuum cleaner ‘can and should clean up pretty much everything.’ In truth, there are models that work good on floors, and there are models that are best suited for cleaning ceilings and other hard to reach spots. Standalone wise, IR101 is best suited for cleaning floors whereas it could be used for ceilings if you use the provided interchangeable tools.

Accompanying tools

The ‘interchangeable tools’ we’ve mentioned a couple of times earlier are actually one of the best parts about the whole ION Rocket IR101 bundle. The tool pack is comprised of the Pet Multi-tool, the Duster-Crevice tool, and the Anti Allergen dust brush.

Shark ION Rocket IR101 Reviews

Main Features of Shark ION Rocket IR101 Vacuum

Shark is one of the most popular vacuum brands in the world. There are also many shark vacuum models. The main features of Shark IR101 are the two pairs of LED lights, the foam filter, the anti-allergen seal, the removable Li-Ion battery, and the smart response tech. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

LED headlights

This is one of the most vital features of Rocket IR101. There are two pairs of LED strips on the vacuum which significantly increase the visibility, making it absolutely perfect for all kinds of tough to reach spots.

Anti allergen seal

What this feature does is make the IR101 suitable for people who are allergic to vacuum-able things, such as pet hair, grime, and such. Note, when you’re about to empty the seal, you will still be (at least partially) exposed to particles of dust. If this is what you are allergic to, make sure to split the chores between other household members.

Removable Li-Ion battery

While it doesn’t particularly affect the performance of Rocket IR101, the Li-Ion battery ensures that you will be able to use it for extended periods. What’s more, it’s removable and chargeable, even while the vacuum cleaner is turned on.

One of the best things about IR101’s battery is that it can withstand some 30 minutes of use on a single charge, which is significantly more when compared to the runtime of similarly priced vacuum cleaners.

Furthermore, we mentioned before that you can also purchase another Li-Ion battery to prolong its lifetime for an additional 30 minutes.

Smart Response tech

What’s really awesome about this vacuum cleaner is its smart response tech. So, basically what this technology piece does is detect the type of flooring you’re vacuuming at the moment and almost instantly adjust the speed of the brush roll automatically.

For example, running over bare floor will make the roll slow down a bit, whereas vacuuming the carpet-like surfaces will make it spin a bit faster, so as to provide better agitation.

Bare-floor performance

The bare-floor performance of Shark Ion Rocket IR101 is better than its carpet performance. It has just about enough suction to vacuum up nearly all dirt, grime, and dust particles from the bare floor surface, but that solely depends on the type of a brush you are using.

For the instant, standard brushes won’t be able to scrape up as big chunks of grime and dirt as the DuoClean brush.

Carpet performance

One of the biggest downfalls of the Shark Rocket is that it wasn’t specifically engineered to deep clean the carpet like surfaces. Its main function is to efficiently clean the areas where the mess is usually piling up.

While you’ll be able to deep clean almost anything under your furniture, you’ll need to be a bit creative with the accompanying tools if you wish to clean your carpets efficiently with the IR101.


Unlike carpets, Rocket can clean up upholstery without any significant problems. What’s more, you can use the multi-tool extension to pick up hairs or embedded dirt from fabric-type sofas and chairs. Further on that note, cleaning flat surfaces in your vehicle should also go rather smooth.

One good thing about cleaning upholstery is that you’ll get to use the Crevice tool in order to scrape up any loose dirt.

Foam filter

The foam filter found on Shark’s ION Rocket is washable, although it requires quite regular maintenance.


Frankly, there are a lot of things you could like about Shark’s Ion Rocket, among which we’ll state some of the most notable ones, and the fact that this vacuum cleaner is excellent for pet owners.

  • Outstanding runtime, spanning up to full 30 minutes on a single charge. If you throw in the optional battery, you may as well get to use it for a full hour.
  • The lightweight build makes it very easy to use and provides a fatigue-free experience.
  • The phenomenal visibility is provided by the LED lights. People with plenty of furniture won’t have to stress about cleaning narrow spaces anymore.
  • Superb value for the money. Even though this vacuum cleaner appears as kind of expensive, it packs a huge punch for the buck.
  • Most of the tools you’ll get with the bundle are fully interchangeable. They significantly boost the Rocket IR101’s versatility, allowing you to easily clean 100% of any given area.
  • The brush will easily get rid of pet hair stuck on the upholstery or floors.

Although you’ll love it, for the most part, Shark’s Rocket IR101 comes with several drawbacks which we think you should be aware of. Here are the most notable cons of this vacuum cleaner:

  • Deep cleaning on carpets and similar rugged surfaces will not be entirely possible with this unit.
  • It doesn’t come with a wall mount of any sort, so storage might be a problem for some people.
  • Although it can vacuum up some 33 liters of grime, the dirt bin is relatively small in comparison to other similarly priced vacuum cleaners
  • Despite the fact that it’s a nearly weightless cleaner, the IR101’s top is quite heavy

What can you expect from IR101?

Now that we’ve seen how IR101 performs in various fields let’s talk realistically. What should you expect if you do opt for buying it in the end?

First of all, this is by all standards a boutique level vacuum cleaner. It costs more than an average cleaner, but it also has a lot to show for. People on a tight budget should either consider saving up or some different model.

Secondly, if you’re at least remotely familiar with the Rocket series, you should already know that this is the latest, and it’s fair to say an improved version of Sharp’s vacuum cleaners. Every single bit of technology Sharp’s engineers had at their disposal were used, resulting in a nearly perfect vacuum cleaner.

Aesthetics wise, it looks almost completely the same as IONFlex, but it’s more than obvious that it packs a superior feature outfit. On the downside, its bare-floor performance is somewhat inferior, although still far beyond satisfactory.

All things considered, this is a powerful, easy to use, versatile vacuum cleaner which is surely worth the money.

Customer Feedback: What people say about Shark Ion Rocket

People really seem to like Shark Ion Rocket IR101. Online marketplaces such as Best Buy and Amazon are literally brimming with numerous positive comments from people all over the world.

The thing most people seem to love about this vacuum cleaner is that it’s light and remarkably easy to use. However, its top is heavy, so you might encounter conflicting comments about this issue.

Furthermore, people dub it as ‘efficient’ due to its exceptional everyday performance remarking that the long battery lifespan comes more than handy.

There are but a couple of people who don’t seem to like the IR101 entirely, but we can safely deduce that it’s not the product that’s faulty. Usually, this problem happens when the delivery runs up late, or if the packaging gets damaged due to unforeseen circumstances.

Final Words

Let’s wrap it up. Shark Ion Rocket IR101 is, without any doubt, one of the best vacuum stick cleaners you can find on the market of today. It’s powerful, sleek, and it actually looks pretty neat. The features it comes supplied with are top-shelf whereas the technology it sports is bleeding-edge, to say the very least.

After reading the Shark ION rocket ir101 review, you know why you should buy this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum comes with many tools including the superb battery run time, excellent visibility due to premium-quality LED lights, interchangeable tools, and more features.

Of course, there are a couple of hiccups, such as the heavy top part and the perhaps inadequately sized dirt bin, but all things considered, it does a major bang for the buck. Overall, It is a fantastic vacuum cleaner.

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