Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is an amazing device developed by Rug Doctor after forty years of experience with carpet cleaners. It all started with experience of dealing with high-quality professional machines for cleaning the carpet and automobiles. So in our rug doctor portable spot cleaner review, we will tell you why you should use this machine for cleaning your home.

There are a much cleaner machine, but they are not the professional machines available in the market. Now the rug doctor portable spot cleaner is the best one which can fill the gap for a professional device. It can clean your home with hardwoods and carpet floor.

As we all know, home is a place where you can expect dirt, stains, greases from all the corners of the universe. Especially you will expect more dirt when you have kids and pets at home. You can expect all corners of the house to be untidy and full of dust.

About Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner has twice the high suction capacity than the usual machines, and the handheld brush can remove even the toughest of stains. The machine is provided with an adjustable handle and the wheels guide you to the most difficult corners of the house or the automobile you are cleaning. This machine can be useful for the cleaning of stairs, carpets, automobiles, etc.

You can get the cleaning solution from the market once the trial solution is over. The cleaning solution provided in the kit is powerful and helps in cleaning even the toughest stains and helps in keeping the things look newest to the possible.

Just fill in the cleaner when required in the appropriate quantity, and make sure not to put excess liquid in the machine. Putting excess liquid in the machine results in getting the liquid caked which is then to be removed with hot water or by the spray. It not only wastes your money and energy but may also affect the cleanliness of machine.

These liquid solutions come with the smell of soap in comparison to scented ones in the market. The scented liquids maybe harmful as some people may be sensitive to chemicals and scents. The device is for easy cleanup every day, anywhere, anytime!

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Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Reviews


Features & Benefits of Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Before buying the spot cleaner, you should know which features are available. Now we will discuss some benefits and features in our rug doctor carpet cleaner review for this machine.

Length of the Cord

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is provided with a cord of about 15ft, which is quite lengthy. This helps in taking the machine to anywhere. Even to the farthest places without much hindrance. You need not a plug-in and plug-out again and again. The length of the cord provides you convenience. It has also long hose of 5.5 ft which helps in suction of larger quantities of dirt.

Capable of Heavy Use

Regular cleaning becomes part and parcel of life especially when you have a large family with pets. The device has 64oz  tank capacity which is more than enough for cleaning of larger areas. So, the cleaner is capable of heavy use.

It is economical when you clean your house more than seven times annually. Else, the device might seem to be expensive if you clean your house only about 3 or 4 times a year. So, you need to check how much of cleaning is required in your house. Depending on the frequency, you always have the option of renting if you clean occasionally.

Easy handling

The main advantage of this machine is maneuverability. The movement of the machine is easy on wheels and has a retractable handle. It helps in reaching even the difficult corners of the room. Its retractable handle and wheels make the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner convenient for cleaning and reach all corners of your room and automobiles.

Motorized Machine Brush

The brush is fast-moving and moves about 1200 times a minute, cleaning the toughest of stains on your carpet and the automobiles.

Cleaning solutions

Rug Doctor cleaning solutions, Platinum Pure with Oxy and Platinum Pure for Pets are specially formulated to remove stains, spots, and odor that has crept into your household.

Easy portability and cleanup of various items

If you have accidentally lost control of your coffee in the car or your children have spilled any eatables, then don’t worry, Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is useful even in the cleaning of automobiles. It helps in cleaning of even the sofas, couches, pet beds and everything you own.

Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner Review

Pros of Rug Doctor Cleaner

Sometimes we see the pros and advantages of products before buying. So, here are some pros of the cleaner in bellow:


The wheels are carpet friendly and the handle is retractable. The retractable handle makes the machine more user-friendly. The wheels of the machine are smooth and hence, don’t bring about any wear and tear on the carpet or leave any marks on the sofa, couches, automobile covers etc. The retractable handle makes it go in all the possible corners.

Removable cleaning solution tank

It comes with a removable cleaning solution tank. So, this helps in filling the solution in a sink and it makes it easy to drain the excess cleaning solution. This eases the pain of struggling with the device to pour-in and pour-out the excess liquid. A hole near the water tank may spill the dirty water on the floor and you may have to clean the floor again.

Multiple Uses

The device can be used to clean the spillage of juices and food items, spots and stains, odor removal, dust and dirt, regular and occasional cleaning etc., on the beds, carpet, chairs, couch, sofa, automobiles, pet beds etc., to name a few. Cleaning of your automobile is also very important as the maintenance may affect the value of your vehicle.

Suction Power

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner device has twice the suction power in comparison to the machines that are available in the market. This makes the machine a better option for stain removal.

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Review

Cons of Rug Doctor Cleaner

We already shared some pros of the cleaner in our rug doctor spot cleaner review, but there are also some cons. So you should know before buying the products.


The Rug portable cleaner is a little heavier in weight. The weight of the machine itself is about 15lbs plus the amount of liquid which is added. It is difficult to carry it upstairs and also move the cleaner from one place to another. The heavy weight of this machine makes it difficult to carry and hence may seem like a tiring job to use it.


The Rug Doctor Cleaner seems to be a little on the expensive side if your home doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. You can opt to rent out cleaning machines from a nearby store if you clean your home about 3 or 4 times a year. But if you clean it on a regular basis or about 6 to times a year, having your own personal machine would be the best option.


It is a time-consuming one, especially when your floors are all covered with carpets. The machine has a cleaning path of 4.5 inches, and cleaning all the carpets with this size of the cleaning path of the machine by yourself will make you exhausted. The machine also consumes a lot of cleaning liquid.


The machine utilizes a lot of detergents and cleaning liquid. When we spot clean the space with the hand it requires less amount of liquid as compared to when we clean using this vacuum machine.

Final Words

Having studied all the features and comparing all its advantages, pros and cons in our Rug doctor portable spot cleaner review, it clear that the machine is a useful spot cleaner. For cleaning home like hardwood floor, carpet floor, and pet hair, Rug spot cleaner is the best choice for you.

With its long cord, you can ignore its heavyweight issue to carry the machine to reach out to various places. The user-friendly device with its cleaning solution for the floor area. The chemicals used in cleaning solution are not irritants to many people and are harmless. So, You can get your hands on this machine and make use of it when cleaning your home is required around the year

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