HEPA Filter Cleaning Tips and Guides: Top 3 Ways

Suppose, you or any family member of yours has asthma problem and some allergens from air cause problems to you. Then what is the measure you can take to remove easily these allergens? Yes, it is HEPA filter!

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters are used for operating rooms, isolation, removing allergens from the air. So, you can see as these take dirt or sub-micron particulates from the air, you should clean these properly.

But as these have new particles in this object, you need to be more careful at the time of HEPA filter cleaning. And also, you need to know the proper ways for cleaning of this. Otherwise, particulates may collapse the working ability of HEPA filter. So here I am for introducing with the HEPA filter cleaning tips! Stay here with me so you can be the beneficiary.

Tips for cleaning HEPA filter

For different sharp HEPA filters, there are different methods and tips for cleaning. Here I am discussing the proper tips for filter cleaning:

1. Washable HEPA filter cleaning:Shark HEPA Filter Cleaning

  1. First, you need to find this out from the manual if you can wash this or not. Because you can rinse water on some filters but others will be ruined in touch with water. If you don’t have a manual, then you can search for the model number and appliance’s manufacturer to have a digital copy. You can use washable filters for air purifying and as a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Large filters can hold more debris and definitely, you won’t want to release these at your home. So take the appliance to outside and clean the filter. Make sure that water hose or garden faucet is near in reach. If the filter is small, then you can wash this in your sink.
  3. For removing the filter from the appliance, you have to make sure that the air purifier is turned off and unplugged. Remove the canister which encases the filter, slide it out of the appliance. Never operate a vacuum cleaner without a filter.
  4. There may be the presence of loose debris in the filter. So first you can tap this over garbage. Therefore, loose debris will fall off.
  5. High pressure can ruin the filter so use moderate pressure. Rinse it until the water clears all the dirt from it. Check the product guide because different filters demand different temperature of water. You need to wash thoroughly with water on both exterior and interior side but no the cylindrical ones. These need the only exterior wash.
  6. After washing keep it for drying for 24 hours. You can prefer a blower dryer to dry this. And then reinstall the filter.

2. Non-washable HEPA filter vacuuming:

  1. For non-washable HEPA filter cleaning, first turn off the appliance and unplug it. Check the manual if there is any specific instruction for cleaning and about the access to the filter.
  2. At least one foam filters are mainly non-washable, also the activated charcoal filters. These filters need to rinse under water for 2 to 3 minutes until it has become clear. You can use a towel for drying this wet filter then keep it in the air for 24 hours for drying.
  3. For washing non-washable sharp HEPA filters, use vacuum cleaner’s hose which has a brush attachment to it. Run this through your filter for cleaning the debris which can’t be removed by rinsing. You should take care so that this can’t affect or puncture your filter.
  4. After drying the filter, reassemble it again to the appliance. There has electronic filter cleaning reminder in some air purifiers. If your appliance has one, then reset it after the cleaning.

Shark HEPA Filter Cleaning Tips

3. Maintaining HEPA filter:

  1. First, you need to check the filter if it needs to clear. After using one filter three months, change the vacuum filter you use. Even it’s applicable for four to six uses. Again, if the size of it is large and you need to clear not so debris, then you can extend the limit of changing the filter. For receiving better quality of work, check the filter before every use so you can confirm there is no dirt or debris left in the filter.
  2. If yours is an air-purifying filter, then you need to change the filter in every three to six months. You can clean air purifying HEPA filters in both washing and vacuuming way. When you use the appliance frequently then filter get dirtier soon. So, checking it from time to time is really necessary. And also check the manual for recommendations for the specific appliance.
  3. There may come the necessity of shark HEPA filter cleaning before the due date. Then you shouldn’t be afraid of cleaning it. because if you use to wash or vacuum method properly for cleaning then there is nothing to feel afraid. When there is more dirt in the filter, your appliance’s workability may deduce. So clean when you need to maintain the efficiency.
  4. Electronic filter clean reminder is present in some air purifier HEPA filter models. It keeps the of use so that it’s more reliable than a calendar. There may have some kind of error as even if you not using the appliance the timer may count the time. So, you better mark the calendar for this reason.
  5. Filter replacement depends on the model you are using. After buying check the user guide to know when to replace a filter. Normally, vacuum and washable filters are more lasting than disposable ones. Some filters you can use for years without the replacement. Again, if your filter becomes worn or discolored then some manufacturers suggest changing the filter so that it can more effectively work.

Final verdict

So, after reading the whole article, you know the procedure of HEPA filter cleaning. Without calling to the shop you have bought or called for a mechanic you can now do this by yourself. It can both save your time and money. You have one and you can take proper care of this now! Then there is no worry present regarding cleaning your filter. When you can help yourself why looking for others!

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