Best Way to Clean Carpets with Vacuum

A clean carpet both changes the outlook of your home and controls the health of your family members. A dingy and stained carpet can diminish the peaceful environment of your house. Besides, this dingy carpet causes dirt and allergens and causes many respiratory problems. So, cleaning it from time to time is essential. Now you need to know the best way to clean carpets at home properly.

There are a number of ways of cleaning a carpet. Among them I suppose, using a vacuum cleaner to clean a carpet is effective in many ways. Vacuuming maintains cleanliness and also has many health benefits. It sucks up all the dust and dirt particles. Thus, vacuuming ensures to avoid irritating health issues like asthma or allergies.

Besides, cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner, increases the lifespan of it. So, in the long run, you don’t have to replace the carpet and waste your money and time.

One of the frequent questions, in this case, is ‘Is it safe to use a vacuum cleaner for carpet’? However, it depends on your carpet and vacuum cleaner. In order to ensure the longevity of your favorite floor carpet, it is the very best thing you can do. So, let’s how to use vacuum cleaner for carpet.

Best Way To Clean Carpets: Tips and Guide

There are mainly three categories of carpets such as woven, tufted and shag carpets. In a woven carpet, the design or knots on the back side of the carpet mirrors the front side designs. In the tufted carpets, the back side is held together with latex and is covered up with material. Shag carpets are the long pile carpets and we most often use this kind of carpets nowadays.

However, the vacuuming process among them may differ on their suction abilities. Here are the basic vacuuming tips of these different kinds of carpets.

1. Woven Carpet Cleaning:

At first, find the direction of pile in your carpet. Pile is actually the density of vertical fibers that protrude from the carpet. However, woven carpets can have thin pile or heavy pile or don’t have any pile. Brush your hand along the carpet in order to find the pile direction.

When you brush the hand against the pile, you will feel resistance. Make sure to brush woven carpets in the pile direction. Otherwise, the softer wools of the carpet may break due to stroking against pile.

Also, use the vacuum cleaner perpendicularly to the direction of pile. By this way, the fibers will cover and remove the dirt. Also, you can avoid the useless wear on the carpet and the shedding of it. Hold down the fringe when you are vacuuming along the edges. Vacuuming along the fringe can damage the carpet as well as the vacuum cleaner.

2. Tufted Carpet Cleaning:

The fast way to make a carpet is making a tufted carpet. These are made of wool tufts that loop into a mesh foundation. They are held at one place by a thin layer of latex glue. The latex secures the wool tufts and prevents their falling out.

When your carpet gets very old, this layer shows cracking and crumbling signs. These signs indicate that the tufts are no longer secured. If you notice such signs be extra cautious while cleaning your carpet. Otherwise, the fibers may fall out and create bare patches. So, check well the underside for peeling before starting to clean your carpet.

After that find the direction of pile in your carpet. All the tufted carpets have pile. Brush your hand on the carpet. When you feel some resistance, you can determine the pile direction. The direction of pile is usually lengthwise for rectangular carpets. Again, the pile direction may change for the regular traffic across your carpet. So, to keep the pile stay uniform across the carpet, rotate the carpet daily.

Then, clean the carpet perpendicularly to the pile direction. It’s because if you run the vacuum cleaner against the pile, you may remove the wool tufts from it accidentally. However, to get best results you can use a canister vacuum cleaner. It only uses suction to clean the carpet and has no beater bar.

3. Shag Carpet Cleaning:

Firstly, flip over the carpet and vacuum the underside of it. Thus, you can remove all the dirt and dust that are clinging very deep within the carpet. For doing this, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. While you vacuum, prevent the edges of the carpet from flipping up.

Alternatively, you along with a helper can flip your shag carpet upside down. Then remove the dust by shaking it vigorously. Usually, shag carpets are very heavy and so you alone doing such is a little bit difficult.

Clean the floor underneath the carpet. Then, roll your shag carpet up and operate vacuum cleaner on the top side. After finishing the vacuuming, place it again in its place. Clean the upper side with light suction. Using a vacuum cleaner with high suction can damage the carpet by pulling out the tufts. Also, don’t use beater bar for vacuuming the top side. The beating causes the long fibers to wrap around and damage both the vacuum cleaner and the carpet. So, clean the upper side of the carpet gently by using a vacuum cleaner with low suction.

Vacuuming Tips

Some basic vacuuming tips about how to use vacuum cleaner for carpet are –

  • Dust the carpet regularly. Preventing the dust set on your carpet in the first place is the efficient way to clear the dust.
  • Use a rug pad for your carpet whatever may be the kind of it. This pad prevents the carpet from scratching the floor below and slipping. Moreover, it increases the longevity of your carpet.
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner for removing fur, hair on hiding or such from the carpet. They require special removal process.

Final Verdict

A carpet can change the appearance of your house direction nicely. But when it gets shabby it completely breaks the calm atmosphere of your room. Besides, it’s not hygienic to use. So, now you know how to use vacuum cleaner for carpet and you should clean your carpet regularly. But, cleaning it by hand is very tiresome. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can finish this task in a quick way leaving no dust behind. Follow the vacuuming tips and you will find the best way to clean carpets at home using a vacuum cleaner.

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